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MBS RECAP: Every Bit the NFP Reaction We Expected
12/8/2017 4:40 PM
Posted To: MBS CommentaryWhen it comes to bond markets reacting to economic data these days, don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed. Heading into today's NFP release, it didn't make much sense to expect a major reaction, although there always tends to be more active trading in ...Read More
Rates Stay Higher After Jobs Report and Shutdown Bill
12/8/2017 1:28 PM
Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates moved modestly higher today, although some lenders were right in line with yesterday"s levels (especially those who raised rates in response to market weakness yesterday afternoon). Either way, today"s rates are pretty darn close to yesterday"s and very much inside t...Read More
Consumers Expect Strong Increases in Housing Costs
12/8/2017 11:28 AM
Posted To: MND NewsWireAfter dropping in October from what had been an all-time high the previous month, Fannie Mae"s Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) resumed its upward trek , increasing by 2.6 points in November to 87.8, Strong responses to questions in the National Housing Survey (NHS) to questions about whether i...Read More
90% of US Counties Get FHA Loan Limit Increase
12/8/2017 9:34 AM
Posted To: MND NewsWireLoan limits will be rising in 2018 for loans guaranteed by the FHA. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced on Thursday it was boosting limits for those loans in more than 3,000 counties. This will bring FHA loans in line with those of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Federal...Read More
State-Level Policy Updates; Eyes on Fed Rate Increase
12/8/2017 8:34 AM
Posted To: Pipeline PressTrio is a lease with an option to purchase that you can use to finance your new home." Its sister company is Ownoption Mortgage , doesn't appear to be licensed either. And in the Seattle area, Loftium continues to offer a service to provide down payment fund...Read More
MBS Day Ahead: Time for The NFP Question
12/8/2017 7:32 AM
Posted To: MBS CommentaryBond markets haven't been at all keen to react in a major way to economic data. Tax reform and other fiscal issues have been center stage for several months. Even before that, employment metrics had mostly faded from the spotlight, leaving inflation metrics (chiefly, the Consum...Read More
MBS RECAP: Scary Up Close; Tame in Context
12/7/2017 3:52 PM
Posted To: MBS CommentaryBond markets began the day roughly unchanged compared to yesterday afternoon's weaker closing levels. From there, Treasuries rallied in concert with European bonds and managed to hold the modest gains through the European close. The implication here is that the net effect of US...Read More
Rates Only Slightly Higher Despite Bond Market Weakness
12/7/2017 3:17 PM
Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates were best described as " unchanged " today, although that may not be the case tomorrow. The afternoon hours saw bond markets (which dictate rate movement) come under some pressure. In the grand scheme of things, that pressure reinforces the narrow range we"ve been wa...Read More
Homeowner Equity Gain Averages in Double Digits
12/7/2017 10:47 AM
Posted To: MND NewsWireNine years after what is acknowledged as the start of the housing crisis about 2.5 million homeowners remain underwater , but that number is down by 0.7 million since the third quarter of 2016. CoreLogic said today that those homeowners remain in negative equity despite rapid increases in the equit...Read More
MBS Day Ahead: We"re Supposed to Have a Tough Time
12/7/2017 8:23 AM
Posted To: MBS CommentaryBoth yesterday and the day before, bonds closed in stronger territory than the previous day's close. That's the first time that's happened since early November, and one of the few times it's happened in several months. The other occurrences in that time frame all ac...Read More