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[[Find|Get] the [Right|Best|Ideal] [Mortgage Loan|Mortgage|Loan] for You|How to [Get|Find] the [Best|Right|Ideal] Mortgage for You|[Getting|Finding|Locating] the [Right|Best|Ideal] Mortgage Loan[| for You]] [:|—|–|-] [<%CompanyName%> can help|We can help]

[Looking for [a loan|mortgage [|loan] advice]?|Shopping for a mortgage?] [We'll be glad|We'd be thrilled] [to talk about| to discuss] [your mortgage needs| our mortgage offerings with you| our many mortgage solutions with you]. [Give us a call [|today]|Call us] at <%Phone%>. [Ready to get started|Want to get started|Ready to begin]? Apply [Here|Now|Online Now].

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[About Refinancing|Refinancing [|options]|Refinancing your [|current] [mortgage|loan|mortgage loan]]

[If you [think|assume|worry that|are [concerned|afraid|worried] that|imagine that] refinancing means [becoming a high risk for multiple paper-cuts|filling out [paperwork|forms] for [countless hours|hours on end|endless hours]|getting [smothered by|buried under] [mounds|mountains|piles] of [forms| applications|paperwork]|drowning in [forms and applications|paperwork]], [think again|we have good news|you've got another "think" coming]!|If you dread all the paperwork that you [think comes|assume will come] with refinancing, we've got great news!] ["Less paperwork and more [individual|personal] [service|attention]" means you enter [a frustration-free|a headache-free|an anxiety-free] zone from application to closing|Let us show you [a frustration-free|a headache-free|an anxiety-free] process from application to closing with our "Less paperwork and more [individual|personal] [service|attention]" [guarantee|promise]]. [If you [are interested in [reducing|bringing down|improving|lowering]|[want|are looking] to [reduce|improve|bring down|lower]] your interest rate and monthly payment, we [can|will] [[guide|walk] you through the process|simplify the process for you] and [eliminate your [worries|anxiety|stress]|make it [stress-free|headache-free|anxiety-free|worry-free]]| We [can|will] [[guide|walk] you through the process|simplify the process for you] and make it [stress-free|headache-free|anxiety-free|worry-free] to [lower|improve|bring down|reduce] your interest rate and [monthly payment amount|monthly payment]]. [We can [additionally|also|even] help you pay down your balance [faster|more quickly] for a [similar|comparable] monthly payment. |If you'd like to pay down your balance [faster|more quickly] for a [similar|comparable] monthly payment, we can help.] Let our [professionals|mortgage experts|team members] [guide you to|help you [locate|get|find]] the [ideal|very best] refinance loan! [We are just one phone call away:|We are [ready|eager] to show you how:|We look forward to [[visiting|chatting|discussing this] with you:|getting you started:]] <%Phone%>.

[You deserve [the best|great service]|Service others can't (or won't) offer|Get the service you deserve|<%CompanyName%> will treat your right|<%CompanyName%>'s service pledge|[Superb|Top-notch|Superior] customer [care|service]]

[[Our mortgage [professionals|experts|team members]|We|We will|Our mortgage [professionals|experts|team members] will] give you the [personal|individual] [attention|service] you deserve and treat you [with the respect due [a valued|an esteemed] customer|right]|[Our mortgage [professionals|experts|team members]|We|We will] treat you [right|with the respect due [a valued|an esteemed] customer] and give you the [personal|individual] [attention|service] you deserve]. We [realize|know|understand] [the big commitment you are making|you're making a commitment] in [purchasing|buying] a [home|house|new home], [refinancing|refinancing a mortgage], or [tapping into|cashing out] your [equity|home equity]. So [here is our [promise|commitment]|we make [the following [commitment|promise]|a commitment|a promise]] to you: we [can|will] help you qualify, apply and be approved for the [very best|ideal|perfect|best|right] [mortgage|mortgage loan] for you.

[Getting started|The next step|What's next?]

[[Please [[look around|navigate|explore] our website|spend some time on our website]|Feel free to [navigate|look around|explore] [this|our] website] to learn|You'll find information on this website that will [explain|tell you]] [who we are|about us|more about us], [[all that|what] [we|we can|we will] do for you|how we [will|can] help you], and [how to [get things going|begin|[begin|start] the process]|how [easy|simple] it [is|can be|will be] to [get [the ball rolling|the process started|started|things going]|begin|start the process]|[a few|some] simple steps to [get started|begin the process]]. Or, [you can [contact|call] one of our mortgage [professionals|team members|mortgage experts] at <%Phone%>|[contact|call] us at <%Phone%> to [talk|visit|chat] with one of our [mortgage team members|mortgage professionals|mortgage experts]]. [[We are here|We would love|We are [ready|eager]] to [[assist|help] you any way we can|[assist|help you|help] with [all|any] of your home mortgage [goals|decisions|needs]]|We're ready to help[| you today]].

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